Privacy Notice

Teo , Saw & Partners (‘Firm”) preserve the confidentiality of all personal data shared with the Firm via any mode whether offline or online.

This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) sets out the principles which will apply to our processing and disclosure of the personal data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act, 2010.

You hereby acknowledge and accept the Notice to the Firm:

  • Personal Data
  1. The Personal Data that you provide to the Firm includes your name, contact details, address, email address, NRIC number or passport number, bank account information and any other identifiable information.
  2. In addition to the Personal Data that you provide to the Firm from various other sources, including without limitation at any of your engagement or intended engagement of our services and through your interaction with us during the events, talks and programmes organised by the Firm.
  • Purpose of Processing

The Firm may process your Personal Data for the purpose relating to the legal services you have requested and for the following purpose:

  1. to provide the legal services you required from us;
  2. to communicate with you, to invite you to the events, talks or programmes organized by us;
  3. for internal administrative purposes;
  4. for the purpose of complying with the laws and regulations including requirements of any government or authorities or court of law; and
  5. for recruitment and other legitimate business purposes.
  • Disclosure of Personal Data

Your Personal Data provided to the Firm shall kept confidential by the Firm. However, the Firm may engage third party companies, service provider or individual toward Firm operation.

In such event, you hereby give your consent to us disclosing your personal data to the following parties:

  1. any persons, government agencies, statutory authorities and/or regulatory bodies and/or governmental authorities where legally required to do so;
  2. our auditors, consultants, lawyers or other professional advisers appointed by us in connection with our administration and the Bar Council; and our third party service providers or other parties as may be deemed necessary or appropriate by us.
  • Request for Access and Inquiries

You may at any time hereafter request correction or update to your personal data, withdraw (in full or in part) as the case may be, however subject to the terms of this Notice and any exception and/or restriction as may be contained under the applicable law. You may contact the Firm via the above contact details

Klang Office
No.150A,Jalan Rodat 2A/KU 5
Bandar Bukit Raja
41050 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-3358 2637
Fax: 03-3358 6237

Johor Bahru Office
No.83-01, Jalan Sagu 18
Taman Daya,
81100 Johor Bahru.
Tel / Fax: 07:350 3837

Puchong Office
3-1, Jalan Puteri 2/6
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel / Fax: 03-8069 1081

General Email:

  • General

The Firm reserves the right to amend or modify this Notice from time to time


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Klang Office

150A,Jalan Rodat 2A/KU 5,
Bandar Bukit Raja,
41050 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-3358 2637
Fax: 03-3358 6237

Johor Bahru Office

No.83-01, Jalan Sagu 18,
Taman Daya,
81100 Johor Bahru.
Tel / Fax: 07-350 3837

Puchong Office

Unit 13-11 (2), Stellar Suites
Jalan Puteri 4/7, Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-5040 1550